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Monthly Archives: August 2013


A corporate HR department is not designed to protect the employee. The purpose of HR is to protect the company from the employees, to reduce the risk of legal action from employees. It’s been my experience at every company I’ve worked for that HR is never really focused on employee welfare. Likewise, employees no longer […]

Be Reasonable

In my long tenure as a middle manager, there have been many times when I’ve felt my boss, or even the company, was being unreasonable. When it comes to working with my team, I’ve always strived to be as reasonable as I’m able while still properly representing the interests of my employer. This can be […]

A Helping Hand

I’m always surprised when I see support professionals pass up a chance at advancement. Recently, a very good management opportunity came up where I work. That’s something that rarely occurs, as we generally have a very good retention rate; but as it happens a new team was being formed and it resulted in a new […]

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