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As you read this I’m once again on an airplane to Manila in the Philippines. This is my second trip to the island nation, and I’m looking forward to visiting my team there. I expect that this trip will be more eventful since I now know my way around and what types of things I want to see.

canstockphoto6072678I recently wrote an article for SupportWorld magazine on the challenges faced by businesses as they expand into the international space. There are always potential cultural issues, and the time differences can be another obstacle. But the end result is very rewarding.

As a business moves into global markets, it’s very important that we send the right message to our domestic staff. It’s true that hiring offshore staff often results in a measurable savings from a compensation perspective, but many times that’s a side benefit.

The truth is that we all belong to a global economy, and as a business grows it will eventually become necessary to look at an international presence. That expansion necessitates that the business hire staff in the markets they want to penetrate. The relationships created by hiring offshore are just as important as compensation savings.

I can say from personal experience that working with international staff is an interesting and fulfilling experience. I’ve made some wonderful new friends and have a great opportunity for building business acumen.

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