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Do You Love Your Job?

I’ve been working for large companies for a long time. I’ve held down many different roles and I think that’s why I’ve managed to stay with my current employer for such a long time. As long as the work is fresh and challenging, it’s easy to stick with it. But what happens if you reach […]


I’m back after two weeks away on vacation, did anyone miss me? 🙂 One of the things a new manager struggles with is how to make a good decision. For that matter, some long-time managers still struggle with this subject. It can be particularly hard if the manager was formerly part of the team they […]


This weekend I had the opportunity to visit the island fortress of Corregidor. I’ve always been a history buff, and the stories from the Pacific campaigns in WWII are particularly interesting. Corregidor was known for being the island that the allied forces commanded by Douglas MacArthur retired to when the Japanese invaded the Philippines and […]

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