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While I would be the last to say that education was not important, neither would I say that many IT support positions require a great degree of higher education. Early in my career there was quite a bit of emphasis on getting various certifications, such as Novell, Microsoft, or Cisco. I remember training institutions almost […]

Going Global

As you read this I’m once again on an airplane to Manila in the Philippines. This is my second trip to the island nation, and I’m looking forward to visiting my team there. I expect that this trip will be more eventful since I now know my way around and what types of things I […]


A corporate HR department is not designed to protect the employee. The purpose of HR is to protect the company from the employees, to reduce the risk of legal action from employees. It’s been my experience at every company I’ve worked for that HR is never really focused on employee welfare. Likewise, employees no longer […]

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