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Being motivated at work can mean the difference between just getting by and enjoying what you do and working hard to be successful. As a manager, how do we make sure our staff is motivated, and more importantly, how do we ourselves stay motivated? Staff motivation is always a challenge, particularly in organizations where the budget […]

Self Service

I was at a major retailer last week and decided to take advantage of their self-service checkout. I didn’t have many items, and what I did have wasn’t unusual or special in any way. The concept of self-checkout is great, as it should be faster and easier than waiting in line for a cashier. Well, […]

Getting Involved

Last week I wrote about the importance of networking and industry gatherings like the HDI conference I attended last week in Las Vegas. I’d like to expand on that idea a bit this week. While it’s great to attend these meetings, read industry blogs and forums, and generally try to educate ourselves on where our […]

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