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Going Global

As you read this I’m once again on an airplane to Manila in the Philippines. This is my second trip to the island nation, and I’m looking forward to visiting my team there. I expect that this trip will be more eventful since I now know my way around and what types of things I […]

Customer Perception

I had the unfortunate experience of having my iPad stolen last week.  It’s a horrible feeling, knowing that god-knows-who has your property, doing who-knows-what with it.  Fortunately, much of the information on it was cloud-based; unfortun-ately it was not set up with a passcode (I don’t use one when I’m at home, and simply forgot […]

The Value of Association

Since I’ll be on an airplane at 5 AM tomorrow, I’m posting this a day earlier than usual.  I’m winding down my week in Las Vegas, where I was attending the 2013 HDI conference for technical support professionals. It was a great week, with plenty of informative sessions and some awesome keynotes, including Steve Wozniak, […]

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