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Work-Life Balance

How many vacation days did you use last year?  If you’re a typical employee in the USA, it’s likely you ended the year with more than half of your time unused.  Studies show that 91% of companies provide their employees with vacation time, but nearly 60% of the time more than half of the vacation […]

The Value of Association

Since I’ll be on an airplane at 5 AM tomorrow, I’m posting this a day earlier than usual.  I’m winding down my week in Las Vegas, where I was attending the 2013 HDI conference for technical support professionals. It was a great week, with plenty of informative sessions and some awesome keynotes, including Steve Wozniak, […]

Business or Technical?

I recently was reading in a trade journal that since technology has become so pervasive and integral to how a business runs that the technology leaders should have a business background rather than one in technology.  I’m not sure what to think of that, and I’m pretty sure I disagree.  While it is absolutely necessary […]

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