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Two Simple Words

When times are tough and businesses have to reduce budgets or cut back, IT support often has a big target on its back because they are typically a cost center with a fairly large number of employees. There have been times in my career as a manager when I’ve had to let my staff know […]

Avoiding the Fire

Outside of conference calls, how often do we pick up a telephone and actually speak to people? Nowadays, it’s more common for us to communicate via electronic means, such as email, texting, or chat. The has the potential to create a number of problems.  The quick communications we have today have caused spelling and grammar […]

Let’s All Calm Down!

Over the years I have often been faced with calls or emails from other managers who have taken offense at something I or my staff had done or said.  In almost every case, when I reviewed the chain of communication, I truly could not see a cause reason for the person to be angry.  Generally, […]

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