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Are You Hiring?

One of the primary responsibilities of being a manager is the oversight of staff. That includes the hiring process when it’s time to add to the team or replace someone who has left. Many years ago when I first started managing people, most of the process of hiring resided with me, from creating the job […]


While I would be the last to say that education was not important, neither would I say that many IT support positions require a great degree of higher education. Early in my career there was quite a bit of emphasis on getting various certifications, such as Novell, Microsoft, or Cisco. I remember training institutions almost […]

You’re Hired!

I’m often asked what I find more valuable – a certification or experience? Not that long ago, training companies were doing a hard sell on the value of certifications.  I recall interviewing a young woman who was asking for $70,000 in salary because she happened to have passed her Microsoft certification and the training company […]

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