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Generation Gap

This is my first post of 2014 – I took a brief hiatus at the end of 2013 to take care of work that had backed up here an there. For a while I was trying to do one post a week, going forward into 2014 that will likely change, at least for a while. […]


Being motivated at work can mean the difference between just getting by and enjoying what you do and working hard to be successful. As a manager, how do we make sure our staff is motivated, and more importantly, how do we ourselves stay motivated? Staff motivation is always a challenge, particularly in organizations where the budget […]


I’m back after two weeks away on vacation, did anyone miss me? 🙂 One of the things a new manager struggles with is how to make a good decision. For that matter, some long-time managers still struggle with this subject. It can be particularly hard if the manager was formerly part of the team they […]

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