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Being motivated at work can mean the difference between just getting by and enjoying what you do and working hard to be successful. As a manager, how do we make sure our staff is motivated, and more importantly, how do we ourselves stay motivated? Staff motivation is always a challenge, particularly in organizations where the budget […]

Find a Puddle!

My family spent the weekend at Walt Disney World, just taking a quick break and visiting the theme parks on Saturday. As is the norm in Florida this time of year, there were afternoon showers. Fortunately, the rain hit as we were on the bus back to the resort. We had planned on spending a […]


When it comes to motivation, there are two aspects of management. The first is how we manage a team. As managers, we provide direction to our teams to work towards specific business goals, and it is important that everyone works together as a cohesive unit towards that target. It is important that we understand how […]

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