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It’s the Small Things

When it comes to delighting our customers, small things are important. Of course, executing on our core responsibilities is critical, but the things that our customers remember – and the things that could have long-lasting impact on their impression of our service as a whole – are the small things. An example could be something […]

The Value of Association

Since I’ll be on an airplane at 5 AM tomorrow, I’m posting this a day earlier than usual.  I’m winding down my week in Las Vegas, where I was attending the 2013 HDI conference for technical support professionals. It was a great week, with plenty of informative sessions and some awesome keynotes, including Steve Wozniak, […]

The Death of Desktop Support?

If industry pundits and trade publications are to be believed, all of the changes in technology – like the emergence of ‘cloud’ computing, mobility, consumerization, etc. – have resulted in the death of desktop support organizations. I completely, totally disagree. There is no one in the IT arena that has a better idea of the […]

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