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Going Global

As you read this I’m once again on an airplane to Manila in the Philippines. This is my second trip to the island nation, and I’m looking forward to visiting my team there. I expect that this trip will be more eventful since I now know my way around and what types of things I […]

Be Reasonable

In my long tenure as a middle manager, there have been many times when I’ve felt my boss, or even the company, was being unreasonable. When it comes to working with my team, I’ve always strived to be as reasonable as I’m able while still properly representing the interests of my employer. This can be […]


When it comes to motivation, there are two aspects of management. The first is how we manage a team. As managers, we provide direction to our teams to work towards specific business goals, and it is important that everyone works together as a cohesive unit towards that target. It is important that we understand how […]

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