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I’ve posted other topics that focused on the advance of technology. I’m feeling this advance pretty strongly this weekend as I’ve been working on building a new home computer over the last few days. I’ve had computers for quite some time, starting back in 1977 when I bought a TRS-80 Model 1.

P1050448 That computer had 4k or RAM and data was stored on a cassette tape drive, and the video was an RCA black and white television. The new computer has 64gb of RAM and 17tb of drive space. Video is a dedicated GPU that can do 3D video and nearly photo realistic games. It’s amazing how things have advanced in a mere 30 years.

As a manager, it can be difficult to keep up to date with how things work. Many managers complain that they lose their technical competence over P1050502time, and I’ll admit that I’ve experienced this myself. This is why I strongly recommend that everyone take the time to get their hands dirty and try something like building a PC. Not only can you get a substantial savings for a higher end machine, but also the pleasure of knowing you built it yourself.

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